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Montpellier, France. Anchor Exotics SPH is the world's first non-genetically modified hybrid between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces paradoxus (SPH). It has the benefits of wild yeast without the risks that natural fermentation is sometimes associated with. This strain ensures complete fermentation, facilitation of malolactic fermentation (in red winemaking), up to 15 g/l glycerol production and, most importantly, allows winemakers to produce full-bodied complex wines.

Anchor Exotics SPHWinemaking trials conducted with Exotics SPH in France and South Africa revealed exceptional results. In tastings of Syrah wines in France, Exotics SPH was the tasters' preferred yeast, delivering a well-balanced, complex, round wine. They described it as a yeast suitable for the production of 'cuvée' and single vineyard wines.

Compared to S. cerevisiae commercial strains, Exotics SPH also has the ability to partially break down malic acid, thereby substantially increasing the speed of bacterial malolactic fermentation (MLF). This crucially important attribute enables the quick processing of wine and also protects against microbial spoilage (for example, from Brettanomyces). Exotics SPH facilitates the speedy completion of the MLF process.

In addition, in high grape-sugar conditions, the yeast produces significantly more glycerol and less alcohol than most commercially available strains. In trials, Exotics SPH fermented South African Pinotage with a level of 15.5% alcohol to a dry wine with ease.

Due to its moderate fermentation speed, Exotics SPH has also been used successfully in South Africa to produce barrel-fermented white wines (Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc).

Winemakers describe the resulting wines as having a complex, exotic bouquet with a very pleasant mouthfeel. This new world wine yeast strain, brought to you by OENOBRANDS offers winemakers the opportunity to create wines with increased complexity in controlled conditions.

Press Release - Anchor Exotics SPH May 2011 (EN)

Saturday, 30 April 2011 11:08

Oenobrands One Year Anniversary

Oenobrands One Year AnniversaryMay 2011 will mark the first anniversary of OENOBRANDS, the joint venture between DSM (The Netherlands) and Anchor Yeast (South Africa). In an increasingly demanding competitive environment, OENOBRANDS was created to bring together the strength of both companies in order to provide innovative integrated biotechnological solutions that respond to the needs of winemakers, traders and consumers alike.

Reflecting on the company’s first year, Alan Mac Donald, OENOBRANDS President:
“It has been a busy and exciting first year. With the talents and imagination of our team we have developed many innovative solutions for the wine industry. We are really benefiting from the synergies between the teams and cultures from the north and southern hemispheres”.

For this year’s harvest in the northern hemisphere, OENOBRANDS backed by its world-renowned parent companies, will release five new products. The first of these is ANCHOR®NT202 CO-INOCULANT, a unique blend of bacteria. This product will allow for optimal success of malolactic fermentations, in particular when used with ANCHOR®NT202 yeast. Winemakers in South Africa can already testify to this!

The second product, ANCHOR® EXOTICS SPH, is a very promising interspecies yeast hybrid that results in wines with outstanding sensory qualities without requiring a second yeast inoculation. This unique yeast strain has proved its superiority in a wide variety of winemaking conditions. The third new product is the first-ever enzyme for rosé wines: RAPIDASE® ROSé, This innovative enzyme, when used with our new yeast FERMICRU® ROSé, favors the production of rosé wines with an intense nose of red berries. And finally, OENOBRANDS team is fine tuning the last details to launch a new and unique yeast nutrient that will promote aroma production by the yeast.

Patrice Pellerin, Product and Application Development Manager at OENOBRANDS, former scientist at INRA (the French Institute of Agricultural Research) and Innovation Manager at DSM announced :

"OENOBRANDS still has a pipe line of over 50 innovative ideas in the domain of wine biotech as well as more extended winemaking applications. We are very excited by our prospects for the future."

RoséMontpellier, France. Today, Rosé wines are an integral part of the international wine market. Fresh, pleasant and easy to drink, they occupy a growing portion of the "popular premium" market segment.

Aware of the importance of this fast growing sector, OENOBRANDS has concentrated its efforts on providing solutions for each one of the three main rosé wine profiles. The first solution, aiming to help the winemaker to produce fruity, red berries-type rosé wines is now available!

Using the principle that has become one of OENOBRANDS' undeniable strength, this solution is based on an enzyme-yeast pair acting in synergy.

  • AN ENZYME: Rapidase Rosé will, depending on the winemaking process, be applied either directly onto grapes or after pressing into the must. Applying the enzyme onto the grapes will first favour the extraction of aroma and/or precursors, and increase juice yields (around 9% according to trials organised in France in 2009). Secondly, without the need of a second addition Rapidase Rosé facilitates and accelerates must clarification. The maceration temperatures implemented allow full command of colour levels. A sole application on must enables both thorough settling; necessary for producing ester-type aroma, and targeted extraction of aromatic compounds from the lees. With these two possible applications, Rapidase Rosé can be fully integrated into any rosé production itinerary. More generally, enzyme addition saves time, a sizeable advantage in a market where speed is a key success factor. Moreover, speeding up the process has a positive impact on wine quality by allowing lesser oxidation.
  • A YEAST. The second part of the synergetic solution is a yeast strain that produces, on must previously clarified with Rapidase Rosé (the production of ester-type aromas requires advanced clarification), a large quantity of aromatic compounds synonymous of red berries, white flesh fruits and caramel. This property has been validated analytically as well as in tastings of trials carried out in institutes and in twenty eight wineries, with a variety of winemaking techniques. Building on the success of the "Rosé fruité" solution, OENOBRANDS will soon add-on to the rosé tool box with two new yeast strains, one for obtaining "citrus" (thiols) type rosé wines and the other for "banana candy" (amylic) type rosé wines.

Press Release - Oenobrands Synergy Rosé March 2011 (EN)


ClaristarToday’s wine market presents several paradoxes: Wine suppliers must act fast, be extremely reactive and at the same time supply products in accordance with wine buyers increasing environment consciousness and consumers request for “natural” or even organic products.


It is in this context that Oenobrands has developed Claristar®., the mannoprotein fraction with proven efficiency on the tartrate stabilisation of white and rosé wines. Highly soluble, Claristar® interacts instantaneously with microcrystals to stop their growth and keep them at an invisible size.

Mannoproteins are the only completely natural stabilisation method. The only method based on a compound naturally present all wines, Claristar® is the natural alternative to exogenous or invasive stabilization techniques with the additional unmatched combined benefits of preservation of wine aroma, color and natural acidity. Claristar® also significantly improves the environmental efficiency of a winery.

This green alternative reduces waste, water and energy consumption as well as the overall carbon footprint. The liquid formulation eases the instant stabilizing effect and allows for immediate final filtration. The use of Claristar® allows an average of 15 days reduction in the tartrate stabilization process. Therefore being the only answer to winemakers constraints, wine buyers requirements and wine consumers desires!

Many wine-makers worldwide are benefiting from the use of Claristar® and testify to its added value. This innovative liquid ingredient is easy to use with some simple application recommendations Oenobrands’ is happy to provide full application support. For more information on Claristar®, please contact Blandine Lefol at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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