Yeast and Enzyme synergies

Oenobrands has identified synergies between yeasts and enzymes in its winemaking portfolio. These combinations, when used together, interact in ways that enhance or magnify one or more effects, or even co-create new beneficial effects.

Objective fruit mouthfeelThe first developed synergy concept is based on the sequential action of the Rapidase® Maxifruit enzyme and the Fermicru XL yeast. When using this combination, Oenobrands has observed an increase in color intensity (+11% to +18%). First, the enzyme activity enables targeted extraction of polysaccharides, aroma and polyphenols.

Next, the sequential action of activities, contained in the enzyme preparation (esterase) and in the yeast (decarboxylase), fosters color stabilization through the formation of complex pigments. And lastly, high adsorption of astringent tannins by the Fermicru® XL lees, contributes to achieving well-rounded wines. Using Rapidase® Maxifruit combined with Fermicru® XL enables supple, fruity wines with a bright red color, to be made.

For white wines with thiol precursors (an aroma precursor present in varieties such as Sauvignon blanc, Chenin blanc and Colombard), Oenobrands has developed two approaches, one of them being the combination of the enzymatic formulation Rapidase® Expression and the Fermicru® 4F9 yeast strain.

Objective Tropical ThiolsThe enzyme preparation extracts the thiol precursors from the grape skins and pulp into the must, and the yeast releases, then converts these volatile thiols from their non-aromatic precursors. The synergy between these products delivers a fruity, tropical wine. When Rapidase® Expression is combined with Collection Cépage® Sauvignon a “greener” thiol character is obtained. Therefore depending on the desired aromatic profile, a winemaker can choose which strain to best match with Rapidase® Expression.

The most recent development is that of an enzyme – yeast solution for producing rosé wines. Rapidase® Rosé favors the extraction of aroma and/or precursors and increase juice yields (around 9% according to trials done in France in 2009).

Objective Varietal ThiolsThe enzyme also facilitates and accelerates must clarification without a second addition needed.  The second part of the synergistic solution is Fermicru® Rosé, a yeast strain that enhances a large quantity of aromatic compounds synonymous of red berries, white flesh fruits and caramel.

Whether producing bulk or super premium wines, Oenobrands provides solutions tailored to any style. These modern aids are accessible to winemakers for improving their production control in order to compete in global markets.