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Peace of mind

Rapidase® enzymes are made by DSM, one of the very few global market leaders in food enzymes, DSM enjoys the longest history in producing winemaking enzymes and commits to its reliability through its Quality for life™ program.

This commitment assures you that any DSM ingredients you are buying is safe in terms of quality, reliability, reproducibility and traceability but is manufactured in a safe and sustainable way.


Created in 1922 in the city of Seclin, in the North of France, Rapidase has ever since proved its usefulness in speeding up industrial processes. Rapidase® was the first and is today the most recognized brand of enzyme for winemaking applications.

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Tested and Validated

To offer the best efficiency in application each Rapidase® formulation is developed and tested with the world's most renowned wine research institutes and validated in wineries at production scale. Our technical and sales staff is available to provide you with test results as well as assist you in evaluating the products premium performances in your specific conditions.