Delvozyme® Fermentation bio-regulator. Complete fermentation activator and yeast nutrient

Problems that arise at the end of fermentation (stuck and sluggish fermentations) are due to a decreased yeast viability that can result from several factors:

  • Nutritional deficiency (thiamine, assimilable nitrogen),
  • Deficient yeast membrane permeability (low sterols and long chain fatty acids content),
  • Presence of inhibitors (traces of pesticides, alcohol, C8-C12 fatty acid inhibitors),
  • Significant temperature changes.

This great variety of factors makes it difficult to predict fermentation problems. Maxaferm®, an activator based on inactivated yeast, thiamine and ammonium salts, provides the ultimate answer:

  • Thiamine and ammonium salt support yeast growth and metabolism,
  • Inactivated yeast are a source of assimilable nitrogen (amino acids), sterols and long chain fatty acids that strengthens the yeast at the end of fermentation. These elements also play a protective role by fixing the C8- C12 fatty acid inhibitors.

Maxaferm® - Product Data Sheet (EN)