New World Wine Yeasts

Wine Yeasts – Bred for the rigors of modern technological winemaking

VIN 13Anchor wine yeasts are legendary for withstanding the extreme fermentation conditions of New World or Technological winemaking: cold fermentations, reductive winemaking, and the fermentation of grapes with high sugars.

They do so with such consummate ease, that our yeasts are providing the world's winemakers with newfound complete-fermentation peace of mind.

At the heart of our high-performance yeast success is a non-GMO process called hybridization.

Our unique ball-shaped yeast granules It is an all-natural method that combines the abundant aromatic potential of Saccharomyes cerevisiae subspecie cerevisiae with the legendary fermentation capabilities of Saccharomyces cerevisiae subspecie bayanus.

Remarkably, it achieves all this whilst reducing the negative traits of both, such as high nitrogen demands, SO2 production and VA production.

Anchor Wine Yeast commercialized the world’s first hybridized yeast in 1991.

Ultimately this explains two things: Why we are the world's largest-selling New World wine yeast brand; and why, when tried, we can promise you that you'll never experience another fermentation like it!

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