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Natuferm®, a unique new yeast nutrient that favors aromatic ester production

Montpellier, France. The wine yeast nutrient Natuferm® is particularly rich in amino acids known to be aromatic ester precursors. When used under suitable temperature and turbidity conditions in association with a yeast strain selected for its ability to produce aromatic esters, Natuferm can significantly increase the sensorial quality of white, red and rosé wines.

Its contribution to the full aromatic expression of wines and its positive impact on fermentation have been demonstrated in comparative trials both in research institutes and in wineries.

Exclusively composed of autolysed yeast, Natuferm® offers a unique source of nutrition that enhances yeast viability with its high concentration of organic assimilable nitrogen and trace elements. This new nutrient, unique in its kind, can only be added during the first step of alcoholic fermentation. Despite its very high concentration in amino acids, Natuferm® has been specifically formulated to avoid increasing undesirable compounds, such as biogenic amines and ethyl carbamate in wines.

TESTIMONIAL ‘I added Natuferm to my white wines right before yeast addition. I was positively impressed by the effect this nutrient had on fermentation consistency and wine quality. In our Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo and even our Macabeo, we noticed a great difference in terms of aromatic intensity and mouthfeel.’ - Bodega in La Mancha, Spain.

Press Release Natuferm - May 2012 (EN)