A rejuvenated brand identity for Rapidase® enzymes

Created in 1922 in Seclin, in northern France, Rapidase enzymes have proved their value in speeding up industrial processes in multiple industries. Rapidase was the first enzyme developed for winemaking applications and is today the most recognized brand in the field.

To reinforce its leading position in the winemaking enzyme sector, Oenobrands has carried out a full brand review of Rapidase. Interviews were conducted with customers worldwide to identify the product’s advantages as well as customer expectations. Both customers and the Oenobrands team were involved in the process of reviewing the brand proposition. “As customers are our target, their views are obviously very important. Reshaping the brand with their input is also a means of giving them a sense of ownership,” explains Céline Fauveau, Rapidase Brand Manager. She adds, “Following the results of our review, we’ve chosen to present the brand based on the four main values indicated by its users.”

Rapidase is:

  • A safe, recognized brand from the well-known enzyme producer, DSM
  • High speed
  • One product – one application
  • Tested and proven in the industry

With the food industry facing yet another crisis, Oenobrands aims to reassure its customers by emphasizing its products’ reliability. Rapidase enzymes are produced by DSM, a global market leader in food enzymes, and the company with the longest history of producing winemaking enzymes. DSM’s commitment to reliability is reflected in its Quality for lifeTM charter. This program ensures that any DSM product meets the highest standards of quality, reliability, reproducibility and traceability, and is manufactured in a safe and sustainable way.

The new brand identity for Rapidase includes redesigned names and packaging. The brand will be marketed with the slogan ‘High-speed enzymes since 1922’ and each product has a new, easy-to-remember, application-focused name. For example, the reputed color extraction enzyme Rapidase Ex Color is now Rapidase Extra Color, and our world-famous pectinase Rapidase Vino Super is now Rapidase Clear. However, Rapidase users can rest assured that the products themselves remain unchanged.

One of the key findings of the product review was winemakers’ trust in the ability of Rapidase enzymes to speed up winemaking processes. To carry on offering the most effective products, Oenobrands will continue to develop and test each Rapidase formulation with world-renowned research institutes and validate them in application at production scale in wineries.

“As a result of this exercise, we expect our customers’ trust in Rapidase to grow. With our new product portfolio, we hope to remove some of the complexity often associated with enzyme offerings,” explains Alan MacDonald, President of Oenobrands.

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A rejuvenated brand identity for Rapidase® enzymes (EN)