Wine Ingredients NEWS

Providing winemakers with useful and innovative high-tech solutions, Oenobrands has launched several computer-based resources that capitalize on the advantages of each type of media:

Oenobrands High-Tech Solutions (EN)


A rejuvenated brand identity for Rapidase® enzymes

New brand for Rapidase (EN)


True to its policy of addressing the needs of wine professionals, Oenobrands launches a new, improved version of Oenotools enhanced by user suggestions.

Improved version of Oenotools (EN)


Natuferm®, a unique new yeast nutrient that favors aromatic ester production

Natuferm®, a unique new yeast nutrient (EN)


Oenobrands and Silverson introduce IN-LINE READY®, a dual technology that ends the necessity of rehydrating wine yeast.

Oenobrands and Silverson introduce IN-LINE READY® (EN)


Making effective winemaking solutions that are easy to use

Easy to use effective wine solutions (EN)


Following the success of Claristar on white and rosé wines, the mannoprotein for tartrate stabilization is now available for red wines.

Claristar White Rosè Wines (EN)


Increasing varietal thiols concentration in Sauvignon blanc wines using a skin contact enzyme.

Skin contact enzyme (EN)

Improving aromatic potential in white Sauvignon wines using Fermicru 4F9 and Collection Cépage Sauvignon yeast strains. A study on the advantages of yeast combinations.

Co-inoculation thiols (EN)

Making fruity, well-rounded red wines: wine ingredients two key elements to success

Synergy smooth red wines (EN)

Increasing eco-efficiency with a natural alternative for tartrate stabilization in wines

Claristar eco-efficiency (EN)

Flotation – a method for clarifying white and rosé grape musts as well as red musts which have undergone thermal treatment.

Flotation (EN)

Popular premium aromatic white wines, an equation with several variables.

Synergie white thiols (EN)

Stuck and sluggish ferments, an efficient solution to restart.

Extraferm Fermichamp the solution (EN)

International success for the synergy of Rapidase® Maxifruit & Fermicru XL.

An European tour of Fruity Red Wines (EN)