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Get your free copy of Oenotools – the app for winemakers

Montpellier, France. Get your free copy of Oenotools – the app for winemakers.

Oenotools - Available in the App Store and Android Market

Oenotools is the latest smartphone and tablet application to help winemakers make essential calculations during wine production.
This free application developed by OENOBRANDS in collaboration with Olivier Zébic contains the most widely used calculation
and conversion tools required in the winery.

The development of this application is in line with Oenobrands’ strategy of offering winemakers innovative, advanced winemaking

The first version of OENOTOOLS allows the winemaker to:

  • Calculate the quantity of any powder, liquid or gas additive to add to a tank. For instance, OENOTOOLS will determine the amount of gum arabic, enzymes, tannins or any fining agent to add to a tank from a powder or liquid source.
  • Determine the amount of sulfite to add according to the winemaker’s selected source (various concentrations or gas) to reach a set total, free and/or active SO2 target.
  • Convert the common measuring units used for grape juice and wine: for example, liters into gallons, brix into sugar concentration, etc.
  • Establish the conditions and flow rate for deoxygenation and decarbonization using nitrogen stripping.

The Oenotools app provides a range of quick and accurate winemaking calculation tools in four languages: English, Spanish,
French and Italian.

Get the Oenotools App from the App Store or Android Market










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This is another ADVANCED WINEMAKING SOLUTION brought to you by OENOBRANDS.

Oeno Tools Mobile Application FAQ's

1.  Is Oenotools available for Blackberry(R)?

We are aware that some of you do use Blackberry® Smartphone but we had to make choices when we decided to develop the Oenotools Application.
We have considered that the functionalities of the Blackberry® did not allow to design a user friendly intuitive tool in line with our expectations.
We have therefore decided to only focus on Iphone ® and Android ® systems. As a result the tool is also available on Ipad®.
2.  Is OENOTOOLS available to be demonstrated on a PC?

Oenotools was designed as a mobile smartphone application to be used in cellar conditions. It is not meant to be available on a computer. Should you need to use it on a more “at home” conditions Oenotools is available on Ipad®.
3.  I have an idea for improvement for OENOTOOLS, can you implement it?

We really appreciate your input. We do collect all improvement and new calculation tool ideas and will make a selection for the second version of Oenotools we are planning to launch in 2012.