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Oenobrands One Year Anniversary

Oenobrands One Year AnniversaryMay 2011 will mark the first anniversary of OENOBRANDS, the joint venture between DSM (The Netherlands) and Anchor Yeast (South Africa). In an increasingly demanding competitive environment, OENOBRANDS was created to bring together the strength of both companies in order to provide innovative integrated biotechnological solutions that respond to the needs of winemakers, traders and consumers alike.

Reflecting on the company’s first year, Alan Mac Donald, OENOBRANDS President:
“It has been a busy and exciting first year. With the talents and imagination of our team we have developed many innovative solutions for the wine industry. We are really benefiting from the synergies between the teams and cultures from the north and southern hemispheres”.

For this year’s harvest in the northern hemisphere, OENOBRANDS backed by its world-renowned parent companies, will release five new products. The first of these is ANCHOR®NT202 CO-INOCULANT, a unique blend of bacteria. This product will allow for optimal success of malolactic fermentations, in particular when used with ANCHOR®NT202 yeast. Winemakers in South Africa can already testify to this!

The second product, ANCHOR® EXOTICS SPH, is a very promising interspecies yeast hybrid that results in wines with outstanding sensory qualities without requiring a second yeast inoculation. This unique yeast strain has proved its superiority in a wide variety of winemaking conditions. The third new product is the first-ever enzyme for rosé wines: RAPIDASE® ROSé, This innovative enzyme, when used with our new yeast FERMICRU® ROSé, favors the production of rosé wines with an intense nose of red berries. And finally, OENOBRANDS team is fine tuning the last details to launch a new and unique yeast nutrient that will promote aroma production by the yeast.

Patrice Pellerin, Product and Application Development Manager at OENOBRANDS, former scientist at INRA (the French Institute of Agricultural Research) and Innovation Manager at DSM announced :

"OENOBRANDS still has a pipe line of over 50 innovative ideas in the domain of wine biotech as well as more extended winemaking applications. We are very excited by our prospects for the future."