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Because yeast nutrition is a matter of precision, Oenobrands has developed Natuferm®

Because yeast nutrition is a matter of precision, Oenobrands has developed Natuferm®Montpellier, France. Looking back to the days when the first yeast nutrient was developed, knowledge in the field has made considerable progress. It is today common practice to pilot fermentation by adding targeted amounts of oxygen, organic nitrogen or ammonium salts, vitamins, sterols, minerals, trace elements, anti-inhibitor compounds or antioxidant compounds.

As a result of scientific research, an incredible variety of complex yeast nutrients are now available for winemaking. Many winemakers want to take an increasingly active role in managing fermentation. These winemakers are seeking to combine their experience with new scientific developments to find the yeast nutrition product best adapted to the specific requirements of their harvest, winemaking facilities and quality objectives.

To support this approach, Oenobrands has developed Natuferm®. Composed of 100% inactivated yeast rich in yeast-available organic nitrogen and trace elements, Natuferm® offers ideal nutritional properties. Comparative tests have proven its efficacy on fermentation performance, as well as its contribution to a
wine’s aromatic quality. Natuferm suspends extremely easily in liquid, a property that offers the ease of use provided only by Oenobrands products in this range (Maxaferm®, Extraferm®, Natuferm®). Natuferm® has a naturally low level of the amino acids that can lead to the formation of biogenic amines or ethyl carbamate. The negligible amount of histidine, arginine, tryptophan and tyrosine ensures that their derivates remain below levels that could pose problems in marketing the wine.

Natuferm® exemplifies Oenobrands’ approach to offering winemakers precision in fermentation management, repeatability of organoleptic profiles and analytical quality.

Press Release - Natuferm® July 2011 (EN)