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The only stabilisation method that answers winemakers’ constraints, wine buyers requirements and consumer’s desire

ClaristarToday’s wine market presents several paradoxes: Wine suppliers must act fast, be extremely reactive and at the same time supply products in accordance with wine buyers increasing environment consciousness and consumers request for “natural” or even organic products.


It is in this context that Oenobrands has developed Claristar®., the mannoprotein fraction with proven efficiency on the tartrate stabilisation of white and rosé wines. Highly soluble, Claristar® interacts instantaneously with microcrystals to stop their growth and keep them at an invisible size.

Mannoproteins are the only completely natural stabilisation method. The only method based on a compound naturally present all wines, Claristar® is the natural alternative to exogenous or invasive stabilization techniques with the additional unmatched combined benefits of preservation of wine aroma, color and natural acidity. Claristar® also significantly improves the environmental efficiency of a winery.

This green alternative reduces waste, water and energy consumption as well as the overall carbon footprint. The liquid formulation eases the instant stabilizing effect and allows for immediate final filtration. The use of Claristar® allows an average of 15 days reduction in the tartrate stabilization process. Therefore being the only answer to winemakers constraints, wine buyers requirements and wine consumers desires!

Many wine-makers worldwide are benefiting from the use of Claristar® and testify to its added value. This innovative liquid ingredient is easy to use with some simple application recommendations Oenobrands’ is happy to provide full application support. For more information on Claristar®, please contact Blandine Lefol at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it