European organic wine producers can now use nutrients Natuferm Pure, Natuferm Bright and Natuferm Fruity

Published on October 22nd 2018, the Implementing Regulation n°2018/1584 allows, for certain applications, six new oenological inputs in organic winemaking, including autolysed yeast.

This update means that Oenobrands' Natuferm Pure, Natuferm Bright and Natuferm Fruity nutrients can now be used by European organic wine producers. Thus, wineries' practices can be updated thanks to this regulatory amendment.

Oenobrands is proud to announce the launch of three new products, Natuferm BRIGHT, Natuferm PURE and Natuferm FRUITY. Both are selected autolysed yeasts, chosen for their performance as yeast nutrients during alcoholic fermentation and for their ability to optimise wine aromas.

Natuferm Pure is an autolysed yeast especially suitable in cases of nitrogen deficiency and/or high potential alcohol percentage. Suitable for use in red, white and rosé winemaking, its high nutrient content promotes yeast growth and a rapid completion of fermentation, while also preserving and enhancing the aromatic typicity of each grape variety. Natuferm Pure may increases the yeast’s production of aromatic fermentation esters.

Recommended dose:

- 20 to 40 g/hl based on nitrogen requirements

- addition before the first third of the alcoholic fermentation (density >1060).

Natuferm® Bright is an autolysed yeast rich in free amino acids which are precursors of esters and stimulate varietal thiols liberation. Designed to boost esters and thiols levels in white and rosé wines, this autolysates yeast is also rich in ergosterol that increases yeast viability, especially at the end of alcoholic fermentation under stressful conditions.

The addition of Natuferm BRIGHT in two steps, at the beginning and then at 1/3 of the fermentation (density >1060), allows for a significant increase of the fruitiness of the wine. In parallel, the level of fatty acids, known to mask aromas, is decreased. An even more intense and aromatic wine is obtained with the double addition.

Recommended dose:

- 30 to 40 g/hl to be added in 1 or 2 additions at inoculation then at 1/3 of AF (density >1060).

Natuferm® Fruity is an autolysed yeast, selected for its richness in amino acids and naturally rich in vitamins and oligo- elements needed by yeasts during alcoholic fermentation.

The presence of ergosterol is an added value as lipid is necessary for the yeast to protect their membrane and ensure their capacity to release esters from amino acids.

It also provides organic nitrogen, the efficient form of YAN to insure achievement of alcoholic fermentation. Natuferm Fruity tends to preserve PDMS, depending on yeast strain used, to increase the fruitiness shelf life and impact the qualitative ageing aroma of wines.

Recommended dose:

- 30 to 40 g/hl to be added at inoculation with yeast

Natuferm Pure, Natuferm Bright and Natuferm Fruity are available in 1 and 10 kg packs and sold by OENOBRANDS distributors.