Making effective winemaking solutions that are easy to use

In the belief that there is more to a yeast nutrient than its composition, Oenobrands also put an emphathis on the physical properties of its products to ensure optimum efficiency.

Oenobrands’ well-known range of nutrients and yeast derivatives not only offer winemakers effective technical solutions, such as supporting fermentation and favoring the production of aromatic esters; they also aid in detoxifying wines contaminated either with compounds that disturb fermentation or with undesirable malodorous compounds).

Oenobrands’ high-performance yeast derivated products contain precise yeast fractions that have been grown specifically for each formulation. These made-to-measure yeast fractions are subjected to various processes to optimize their properties and efficacy for each formulation. The -Ferm range includes: inactivated yeasts (Maxaferm), autolyzed yeasts (Natuferm) and yeast hulls (Extraferm).

But the composition of the product is only part of the story – Oenobrands’ unique micro-granulation technology is then applied to dry individually each yeast fraction. In the case of Maxaferm, the complete formulation is dried after blending all the components (inactivated yeast, vitamins and ammonium). The resulting micro-granulates do not lump and the products disperse instantly when poured into liquid. This property makes the -Ferm range products extremely easy to use and saves winemakers time.

Efficacy, ease of use, timesaving: satisfaction is in the bag!

This is another ADVANCED WINEMAKING SOLUTION brought to you by OENOBRANDS.