A few words about us

Oenobrands designs and markets the oenological products of today and tomorrow. Its permanent innovation strategy allows the creation of solutions that provide an integrated answer for both the ambitions and desires of the winemakers, traders and consumers.

It is with a strong belief in the future of the industry and dealing with the current changes that Oenobrands, supported by its world-renowned parent companies (DSM Food Specialties and Anchor Yeast) develops a range of oenological products including enzymes, yeast, yeast-derived products and bacteria.

With a highly qualified team, expert in many fields, Oenobrands strives to offer winemakers' novel and scientifically sound solutions, as well as to highlight the positive synergies between its products.

Our Network

Oenobrands distributes its brands :

  • Anchor®
  • Rapidase®
  • Claristar®
  • Final Touch®
  • Fermivin®
  • Feel SAFE! 

- on the five continents through a specialized network.