A new image for Oenobrands’ nutrients

Natuferm, Maxaferm and Extraferm are three nutrients proposed by Oenobrands for winemakers.

All nutrients are now branded under one unique umbrella: Feel SAFE !

We have chosen to illustrate this umbrella with a bee as our icon. Do you know that bees are essential to our survival.

They ensure the pollination of 80 % of plants and contribute to the production of more than one third of human foodstuff.

Each bee has a specific task in their hive and performs a dedicated action, yet they all work in synergy as a team.

Our nutrients are like bees - specifically formulated for a dedicated performance and together they support life by providing nutrition for the yeast.

Oenobrands‘ aim is that you ferment your must using the correct nutrient:

Extraferm: Highly adsorbent yeast hulls for detoxification.

Maxaferm: The yeast nutrient rich in organic and inorganic nitrogen for the vinification of red, white and rosé wines.

Natuferm: The nutrient that provides aroma precursors.