Quicker, more effective maceration with Rapidase® Fast Color

A new enzyme for the Rapidase range


Oenobrands, in line with its ongoing strategy for continuous innovation, has perfected a new enzymatic formula specifically aimed at reducing maceration time while improving winemaking results. Like the other products in the range, Rapidase Fast Color benefits from a high level of enzyme activity, allowing the swift, effective extraction of color and polyphenols during skin-contact maceration.

The key features of Rapidase Fast Color

The intensive color and polyphenol extraction potential of this new enzyme is due to its high overall action on pectin and secondarily on hemicellulose and cellulose. The unique formulation of Rapidase Fast Color ensures complete maceration in just a few days, enabling wines to advance more effortlessly through the subsequent stages of drawing off the free-run juice, pressing and clarification.


Rapidase Fast Color is a liquid enzyme produced by the leading enzyme manufacturer DSM Food Specialties in its Seclin facility in France. It was meticulously tested during preliminary tests conducted by research institutes and later validated through intensive winery trials on significant volumes of crushed grapes. In all trials, compared to a control batch that was not treated with Rapidase Fast Color, the time to first racking was decreased by 1–3 days, depending on the grape variety and the type of maceration. On average, maceration time was reduced from 8 to 6 days, while retaining the same levels of anthocyanins and polyphenols that contribute to wine quality. By the second day of maceration, color extraction was double that of the control batch.

The Rapidase range for reds

Rapidase Fast Color joins the Rapidase range, enhancing the possibilities for red grape maceration:

  • Rapidase Extra Color: results in optimal extraction of color and polyphenol during maceration
  • Rapidase Extra Fruit: results in early extraction of aroma precursors in red grapes
  • Rapidase Fast Color: results in rapid extraction of color and polyphenol during short maceration times