Oenobrands launches the FERMIVIN® range to bring together its full offering of wine yeasts

A complete range

For over four decades, Oenobrands instant dry yeasts have been used by winemakers around the world to produce every style of wine. These innovative wine yeasts, designed to meet the demands of winemakers and consumers, have been marketed under a variety of names according to their specific use: Fermivin® (for rapid and complete fermentation), Fermichamp® (for restarting stuck fermentations), Fermirouge® (for red wines), Fermiblanc Arom® (for white wines), Fermicru® (for improving aromatic potential) and Collection Cépage (for varietals). As the number of products has grown over the years for increasingly targeted applications, Oenobrands has decided to bring them together into one whole and comprehensive range. All of Oenobrands’ instant dry wine yeasts are now part of the umbrella brand FERMIVIN.

Specific products

The launch of the Fermivin range is not simply a rebranding exercise. To develop the range, Oenobrands conducted a full review of its offering, which includes yeast strains for a wide range of applications: to achieve rapid fermentation, to enhance the quality of red, white, rosé or sparkling wines, to obtain different types of aromas (thiols, terpenes, fruity, floral, mineral), to produce wines for early release or for ageing, to restart stuck fermentation, etc. Oenobrands reevaluated and tested each strain to specify its potential. Application tests also led to new positioning for rosés and sparkling wines. Aurélien Bastiani, brand manager of the Fermivin range, says: ‘We collected testimonials on the different strains from winemakers in each wine region around the world to ensure that our products provide them with targeted solutions for their needs.’ Oenobrands will continue to expand the range as it develops new fermentation solutions, supported by research from international institutes such as the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), the French Institute of Vineyards and Wine (IFV), the University of Chile, and many others. Once a promising strain is identified, it is cultivated, dried and checked in our factories to insure its authenticity, high performance and quality.

Increased ease of use

To make the new Fermivin range as clear as possible for winemakers, Oenobrands has named each specific product by its selection number and letters referring to its application. As winemakers tend to refer to strains in the production process, these new names are more accessible and will facilitate which product to select and use. The new range also features new packaging that exemplifies the long-standing reputation of the brand as well as its guiding principle of looking forward, embodied in the logo PROUD HISTORY – BRIGHT FUTURE. As Aurélien Bastiani explains, ‘Fermivin yeasts have 40 years of experience behind them, and our continuing research promises a bright future. This is illustrated by a spiral, symbolizing the idea of an infinite continuous process bringing products from the past into the light of the future.’

The 18 yeast strain products in the new Fermivin range will be available from Oenobrands distributors for the 2016 harvest.